Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How do I know if my order has been shipped?

A.) If you ordered online, you can check to see the status of your order anytime by logging into your PypTek account, click on My Account under the menu options, and then order history. If your order reads anything else besides shipped, it is still being processed and has not left our facility. If it reads shipped, then be on the look out for an email from USPS with your tracking information or an email from us with your tracking information if the package is going by either FedEx or UPS.

Q.) How do I clean my Pyptek pipe?

A.) Pyptek pipes were designed with easy cleaning in mind. You can use hot water and dish soap plus elbow grease and Q-tips, or you can use isopropyl alcohol with kosher salt to remove any residue that has adhered to the glass. Here’s a helpful video.

Q.) If I want to clean the parts of my Pyptek pipe more thoroughly or need to put in replacement parts, how do I take it apart?

A.) With the Titan and Pocket pipes, the first thing to do is unscrew the head of the pipe from the body and remove the o-ring and screen at their connection point. Then using the back of a pen or similar tool, push along the bottom of the glass bowl to free it from the metal head. For the Titan and Pocket tubes as well as the nano, first place the pipe body in warm water to soften the o-ring glass friction. Then, using a Sharpie marker or similar instrument, place the marker in one end of the glass tube and push until the glass tube is completely free of its metal casing. Again, hot water and dish soap or isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt with Q-tips are good ways to clean all parts of the pipe. Here’s a helpful video.

Q.) How do I put my Pyptek pipe back together?

A.) First, make sure you have the smallest o-ring in the grooved slot where the glass bowl sits in the pipe head and the next sized o-rings in the grooved slots where the tube goes in the pipe body. The glass bowl should slide back in easily to the metal pipe head. For the Nano, Pocket, and Titan tubes, moisten the o-rings with warm water on the end of your finger before sliding the tube through. Then, push the tube through using a Sharpie marker if necessary to center your glass tube between the ends of the metal casing. For the Pocket and Titan, place the largest o-ring in the pipe head at the body-head joint followed by a stainless steel screen. Screw the body and head back together and enjoy! *Note: The Nano glass can only be pushed through by the small end or mouthpiece first as the bowl side will not slide through the metal casing.

Q.) I don’t see a screen with my Nano, is that normal?

A.) Yes, that is normal. The Nano can be used as a bat or as a chillum, but it does not have a stainless steel screen.

Q.) Are my screens cleanable?

A.) Yes, the screens are high-grade stainless steel and can easily be cleaned by using a gloved hand and pair of pliers to hold the screen and then burn off any residue with a lighter. Be careful anytime you are using your hands, metal, and fire as metal does conduct heat and takes a little time to cool before handling with your bare hands.

Q.) What is the Save-a-Bowl and how do I use it?

A.) The Save-a-Bowl can only be used for the Pyptek Pocket, and it does just that, save your unfinished bowl. If there is still unburned material in your Pocket that you want to protect, simply slide the Save-a-Bowl over the entire head of the pipe with the circle end of the Save-a-Bowl covering the open end of the pipe head.

Q.) What is the hole on the side of my pipe? Is that supposed to be there?

A.) Yes, that is a carb hole and allows you to get better, more controlled inhalations from your Pyptek pipe. You simply cover the hole while lighting the material in your pipe and uncover the hole when you wish to inhale/clear the smoke from your pipe’s chamber.

Q.) I removed my glass components while cleaning my pipe, and they rolled off my table and broke on the kitchen tile. Is there anything I can do besides buy a full replacement pipe?

A.) Yes, we sell replacement glass kits just for such a circumstance. These are available at the Pyptek retail store online.

Q.) I purchased an oil kit, but how do I turn my regular Pocket or Titan into a fully functioning concentrate device?

A.) Remove the bowl using the instructions above in the “how to take it part” Q and A. Then, work the custom glass joint provided with your oil kit into the bowl hole. The nail will fit nicely into this glass joint with the cup end of the nail facing up. Simply heat your nail with a torch, use your dabbing tool to put concentrate on the nail, place your glass dome on the glass joint, and inhale. Your Pyptek pipe has just transformed into a portable concentrate rig!

Q.) Can I pick up Pyptek products at my local head shop, or do I have to buy from the Pyptek retail store online?

A.) Pyptek products are offered in literally hundreds of shops nationwide as well as in numerous international locations. If you just can’t wait for the mail, go on the Pyptek website and find the dealer locator icon. This pulls up a map of Pyptek’s official dealer network. If there are dealers close to you, give them a ring to make sure they still have the product you’re looking for. If not, place an order with us and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Q.) I am a shop owner looking to buy lots of Pyptek products at wholesale prices so I can sell them at my retail store. What do I need to do?

A.) On our website, click on the contact us icon. You will see both a telephone number and an email box to contact us directly with any questions you might have regarding larger orders and pricing.

Q.) Where can I find some cool pics of Pyptek products?

A.) Check out our gallery page