6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Our glass pipes are protected by aircraft grade aluminum. We use the aluminum alloy 6061-T6 to encase the glass components of all three types of our Pyptek pipes, which is very different from the softer and more malleable aluminum used to make beverage cans. Those cans are made from a lower 3000 series aluminum alloy.1 6061 aluminum is used for a number of different purposes due to its strength, heat treat-ability, easy machinability, and weldability. It is also receptive to anodizing, which adds an extra layer of protection to the finished product.2 For more detailed material specifications of 6061-T6’s chemical, physical, and mechanical properties, refer to the property data specification at MatWeb.

6061-T6 aluminum is commonly used for private aircraft wings and fuselage construction due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s lightweight strength also suits this material for building sailboat masts, the hulls of larger yachts that cannot be made from fiberglass, and flat-bottom canoes. It can be found in bicycle frames, heat exchangers, air coolers, and other applications where the non-corrosive nature of 6061-T6 is important. This also includes water, air, and hydraulic piping and tubing.3 For more information regarding the applications of all types of aluminum alloys including 6061-T6, CLICK HERE

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