PYPTEK logo wordmark in black

In 2016 PYPTEK introduced a new brand identity set to become a more contemporary and authentic word mark. The logo, losing “Prometheus” as a subsidiary long-standing relationship alongside PYPTEK allowed space for the amalgamation of PYP and TEK to clearly define the future evolution of the brand. Though the Prometheus lore is still true to the core of the brand, a champion of humankind if you will, PYPTEK harnesses fire and intelligence in their creation of The Full Collection. This established their forethought in PYPTEK being the next evolution of pipes in the industry. From time to time, you’ll see the mythological character of Prometheus influence pieces among The Full Collection, while the brand moves into a more classic recognition. PYP pronounced /paip/ stands as an acronym for Protect Your Piece a concept mirrored in the external hardware that makes PYPTEK’s products noteworthy in their durability and high-end engineering. While TEK, offers reflection upon both PYPTEK’s technological advancement, which the brand continues to evolve, and an accumulating body of adaptive processes that have been handed down through generations of cultural transmission highlighting a symbiotic relationship between human beings and their environment. PYPTEK, therefore emerges as a forward-looking statement inclusive of their mission: Dare to adventure. Your lifestyle. Our mission. Much more than a brand, a life-long collaboration across consumer, technology, environment, and it’s future.

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