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This handy device is custom-made to fit your Pyptek Pocket, or, if specified, your Pyptek Nano, preventing heinous spills between sessions. Decked out in Pyptek colors and insignia, this high-quality silicon band looks sharp and is compatible with many a glass piece. You’ll undoubtably wonder where this invention has been all of your life….

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3 reviews for Save – A – Bowl

  1. Lance

    This is the best pipe I’ve ever had ! I’m 60 have been enjoying thc since I was about 16-17 I am the worst at breaking pipes. I pay an average of $ 30.00ea I have dropped this pipe for over 200.00 in pipes and only a few scratches. Woho your save a bowl is awesome. However you need to make a tip cover, I have just as bad a problem getting lint and crud in the mouth piece. Be the first to make one. Love your pipe Thanks

  2. George MacDonald (verified owner)

    I have had the nano and currently use a pocket daily. People absolutely love the look and how incredibly durable they are. Amazing innovation, imo best pipe ever. Not since the proto had someone been able to change the game and rethink pipe design.

  3. Chritopher Mckenzie (verified owner)

    I’m going to be buried with mine

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