Save – A – Bowl

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This handy device is custom-made to fit your Pyptek Pocket, or, if specified, your Pyptek Nano, preventing heinous spills between sessions. Decked out in Pyptek colors and insignia, this high-quality silicon band looks sharp and is compatible with many a glass piece. You’ll undoubtably wonder where this invention has been all of your life….

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1 review for Save – A – Bowl

  1. Lance

    This is the best pipe I’ve ever had ! I’m 60 have been enjoying thc since I was about 16-17 I am the worst at breaking pipes. I pay an average of $ 30.00ea I have dropped this pipe for over 200.00 in pipes and only a few scratches. Woho your save a bowl is awesome. However you need to make a tip cover, I have just as bad a problem getting lint and crud in the mouth piece. Be the first to make one. Love your pipe Thanks

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