PYPTEK partners with 14er a local dispensary based out of Boulder, Colorado

Exceptional herb is just one characteristic we’ve come to know in our time at 14er. Located in Boulder, Colorado, this dispensary first gained our recognition when we came to realize Colorado has a lot of “good” herb but we wanted to find something that made us say “wow.” If you’ve tuned into our Thursday Night Live series “The Eighth Edition” (just check our our instagram @pyptek), you’d know each strain is just that: an incredible accumulation of craftsmanship. We haven’t found anything like it. It’s a little “too good to be true,” and yet time and time again (just to give you an idea we are on episode no.23) we’re pleasantly surprised.

Whether it’s a sativa dominant hybrid like Conspiracy that offers a bright citrusy sweetness perfect for that 5 mile hike into the mountains or, a classic like Jack Herer that gets the creative juices flowing for a busy work-from-home day, the commonality is easy: this is some damn good weed.

They’re talented, knowledgeable, and well-rooted in the industry. So, if you’re in the Colorado area make sure you give them a visit and join us each Thursday Night Live on Instagram 6:30 MST for a good laugh, some eclectic herb and of course our The Full PYPTEK Collection.

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