Where eclectic herb and mechanical evolution meet an out-of-body experience.

The Eighth Edition is a mini-series were we explore quality herb and on of our featured products from the PYPTEK Collection. We’ve partnered with our friends from 14er in Boulder, Colorado. Since the beginning, 14er has produced an assortment of the finest cannabis products imaginable. Here every flower surpasses a strict criteria for potency, purity, and flavor making them our favorite connoisseurs in the industry.

A cross between OG Kush and SFV OG resulted in this zesty, piney and earthy cultivar. Expect those familiar OG accents, only with subtle notes of bright, lemony goodness. Lemon Larry OG delivers effects that are typical of its OG ancestry, which are fast-acting and extremely euphoric, with a relaxed and weighted body effect. Overall, Lemon Larry OG has been a nice addition to the “Wildflower Series”, providing a little zestiness to 14er’s library of OG’s.

Question of the week: Share a funny smoking experience.

Hello, Bubbler. With large viewing windows to display rapid bubble action you can easily judge the smoke levels. An additional viewing window allows you to keep an eye on your bowl. A big carb lends effortless control of the air/smoke mix and an insert with Purr Glass’s showered percolator, the product leaves no corner unturned. The showered percolator means more bubbles and smoother hit. You’ll have the style, durability, portability in a PYPTEK piece like none before. It’s the largest bowl of any of our pieces. It has a platinum baked on label ensuring cleaning doesn’t tarnish the aesthetic of this piece  and also speaks to the luxury it hands out with every hit. It’s designed with dual stance so it can stand up on its base or it can be tipped over at an angle. 

PYPTEK was born and bred in Colorado. Each of our pieces are individually machined from aircraft grade aluminum and all glass is custom made by actual humans. From start to finish, PYPTEK products are made in the USA. 

Join us back here every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 MST for another Eighth Edition. The start of mini-series were we explore quality herb thanks to our friends at 14er and one of our featured products from the PYPTEK Collection.

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