The Only Pipe You’ll Ever Need

2020 has brought to my attention the simple pleasures in a somewhat monotonous routine. Waking up, heading to the desk that’s located on top of my belongings in the living room, pretending to work while the boss man entertains a new puppy I arguably forced him to purchase, and of course squeezing in a bit of Mario Kart before we launch our weekly Eighth Edition LIVE on Instagram. This is a typical Thursday here at the PYPTEK headquarters.

It’s the afternoon, we’re in Denver, Colorado and 420 can’t come soon enough! (We know at least of few of you can relate). So, alas, here I am to shed some light on The PYPTEK Collection because, well we’re in debate about what to smoke out of today (we love the pipes so much).

Feeling Classy? Unboxing PYPTEK begins here. 

You’ve found our niche. A couple of years ago, (shit, maybe that was almost a decade ago), we made a post on Reddit and asked what our underground friends what they would think if we introduced something “new” into the cannabis market. It’s 9 years later and here we are: PYPTEK Prometheus Pocket (now just PYPTEK Pocket), PYPTEK Nano, PYPTEK Titan, PYPTEK Dreamroller, and of course the PYPTEK Bubbler.

Handmade out of borosilicate glass and aircraft grade aluminum the smoking experience is all-glass from start to finish. Just consider that outer-shell a good insurance policy for those good times with your friends. It’s durability comes from the anodizing process. A process that enhances aluminum oxide film on the surface of the exoskeleton to create a robust, corrosion-resistant layer. As a result, this ensures chipping and tarnishing is near impossible. So, whether you’re hiking up a mountain, camping with the boys (or girls), or just forgetting where the table is because that herb wasn’t so much “a hybrid” like your bud-tender told you, your hand-held pipe remains beautifully in-tact. They’re worth the hype.

Curious to know more? Check out our “How It’s Made” video here.

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