How to clean your prometheus pocket pipe.

How to clean your prometheus pocket pipe.

Each piece in the PYPTEK Full Collection is created using individually machined parts. Each pipe goes through several stages of development to ensure durability during cleaning. There is little maintenance required as high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and borosilicate glass compile each piece. Just consider how tumbling, anodizing, and laser etching mold these products as a new standard in the industry, we know you will not be disappointed. To clean these products, hand-wash in hot-warm water with a 1:1 ratio of isopropyl alcohol and rest in solution for approximately fifteen minutes. Once any residue is loose, take a towel and wipe away all remnants, use pipe cleaners to clean out any small details. Don’t worry, you can’t ruin it like everything else in your life.

For the Bubbler, please add the following:

You’re going to unscrew the mouthpiece also known as the downstem. You’re going to use a tool such as the back-end of a bic pen, to remove the glass from the mouth piece, it’s best to start on the side that attaches to the main body. Once you get past the first o-ring it should be easy to gently remove the glass insert with your hand.  Soaking the parts in warm to hot water as well as using dawn dish soap will soften the o-rings for an easier removal. For the main body, put something on a table or flat surface that is sturdy (an old pill bottle or a film case work wonders). Take the main body and push the base of the glass uniformly down onto the case or bottle, forcing the glass out of the top of the unit.
Once you get the glass past the base o-ring, you can pull the glass out by hand from the top, it must be noted there are two o-rings up there, so it’s best to twist the glass slightly back and forth so you don’t twist the o-rings out of their groove. It must be noted as well that our Bubbler design has a shower screen downstem. This is to create more bubbles and a smoother hit. It’s best not to suck your bowls through. Ash your bowls whenever possible to keep the showerhead from getting clogged with debris. The PYPTEK logo on the front of the glass is platinum, yes, real platinum, do not use an abrasive surface on it or you will scratch it.
When putting the glass back in. Go from the bottom up on the main body, get your glass fairly aligned before you go through the second and third o-rings. For the mouthpiece, just make sure you get the glass centered on the second o-ring before pushing it through.
The water levels of the Bubbler in order to hit it properly are best when filled to the base of the hexagon.


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