Since 2012, PYPTEK has developed a strong reputation, developing a full collection of products imagined, designed, and manufactured right here in the USA. As opposed to outsourcing labor or having our pipes produced on a factory assembly line (which lacks attention to detail), the individually machined parts harness state-of-the-art engineering inspired by our original product line entitled “Prometheus.” Beginning with an incredible team of designers and engineers, PYPTEK brings to life its unprecedented ideation and manifests each product into 3D modeling for early review. Once the full ambitions of the design are accurately captured, to achieve seamless reproduction, we utilize an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a durable, corrosion resistant, anodic oxide finish ensuring the encasement for each of our products will last. No cutting corners, no cheap solutions, but a product created for every day use. The borosilicate glass inserts are handblown by individuals: real people, to make certain every glass insert is a flawless all-glass experience from mouthpiece to bowl. This means every product is unique, built and examined with exceptional precision by an entire team of craftsmen and engineers before it gets to you. A simple, classic, and sustainable design sets the bar high for future innovations alike. PYPTEK continues to push the limits of excellence offering the next generation of all-glass pipes and we’re nowhere near finished.

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Though an all-glass pipe, our full collection is protected by aircraft grade aluminum. The aluminum alloy 6061-T6 design encases the individual glass components of each PYPTEK (originally entitled Prometheus) as an exclusive product which provides a resistant and durable approach to encasing such a traditionally fragile medium (glass). Unlike the softer and more malleable aluminum (3000 series aluminum alloy) used to make beverage cans, 6061-T6 aluminum exhibits a very high strength-to weight ratio securing our full product line is made to withstand all natural elements. 


In the early stages of design, PYPTEK’s intention to create an impenetrable encasement for the full collection became a reality. 6061-T6 Aluminum was fostered as a historic blueprint, the exoskeleton of this all-glass pipe was then furthered through anodization. The process of anodizing aluminum thickens the aluminum oxide film on the surface of the exoskeleton creating an even stronger, corrosion-resistant layer that also protects against chipping and peeling. While the aluminum provided unparalleled coverage, anodization ensured unimagined performance. Available in six rich colors, the aesthetics alone reveal a timely process as with each anodization, the colors take on an opulent and unchanging appearance.

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The core of each of our products are hand crafted by professional glass artists in Colorado from a highly specialized material called borosilicate glass. Where other types of glass may shatter your expectations, this type of glass is specially engineered to with-stand massive amounts of heat and chemical corrosion. 


PYPTEK has excelled in developing a product line that exceeds expectation in appearance and technology. Customization is an opportunity for creativity to still live in your hands. The laser marking process uses a highly focused laser beam to remove .001 mm of surface material from the anodized exoskeleton. With a focal point that is less than a millimeter in diameter and controlled by a specialized computer, unparalleled precision and detail ensure a clean design.

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