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  • 1 3/4″ x 4″

The Pyptek Pocket design is carefully engineered to fuse all the benefits of a premium glass pipe with the durability of Aircraft-grade Aluminum. The Pocket construction delivers the authentic glass smoking experience you demand in one portable, rugged and easy to clean system. Available in six rich colors, this glass and metal pipe boasts exquisite geometry and aesthetics that distinguish it from any in its class. With three compatible concentrate kits the Pyptek Pocket redefines versatility in a market full of one-trick ponies.

Product comes fully assembled and includes an extra o-ring as well as pipe cleaners. All products exoskeletons are anodized 6-61 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum surrounding a replaceable borosilicate glass tube protected by shock-absorbing rubber gaskets.

The Pocket was designed to be a compact piece easy to take on the road. It’s super versatile because alongside being small it has the ability to house concentrate attachments too.

Our Pocket, like all of our pipes, features an all glass smoking experience, it breaks down so it’s easy to clean, it has a screen that’s not under the flame so it’ll never effect the taste but blocks all those hot embers. Under the bowl there’s an expansion chamber to help with cooling your smoke, it has a medium carb for easy clearing. Its compact design has a comfortable grip.

Recognized by High Times as the best glass smoking pipe, VICE has featured this all glass smoking piece as a key to a smoker-friendly vacation. What’s in Your Pocket? an incredible, well-crafted experience you won’t regret purchasing.

PYPTEK was born and bred in Colorado. Each of our pieces are individually machined from aircraft grade aluminum and all glass is custom made by actual humans. From start to finish, PYPTEK products are made in the USA.

  • Anodized Aluminum Exoskeleton (6061 T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum)
  • High Quality
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Durable Design
  • Breaks Down
  • Easy to Clean
  • Replacement Glass Kit Available for Purchase
  • Ember Blocking Screen
  • Expansion Chamber to Cool Down Smoke
  • Six Rich Colors
  • Compact & Discreet
  • Portable
  • Silicone Shock-absorbant O-Rings
  • Save-A-Bowl Included
  • Original PYPTEK Prometheus Design
  • Made in the USA
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Reviews (89)

89 reviews for PYPTEK Pocket

  1. Susan W


  2. Piotr M

    This is the best pipe you can get so far.

  3. Hannah F

    Best pipe we have ever purchased. Ingenious idea.

  4. Tina R

    This is the best pipe we ever came across. Absolutely love it.

  5. Brian F

    indestructible; Save-a-bowl is well needed. Great piece for any collection.

  6. David M

    Prometheus pocket is the best pipe i own. Super easy to clean with no more than a bottle cap of isoprophyl and some q tips, pipe disassembles so there is no need to waste your ISO or acetone repeatedly shaking the pipe in a whole bag of the chemical. Screen placement is genius and provides smooth hits no matter how hard you rip it. Very sturdy just aRead more about review stating Prometheus pocket is the bests advertised. I made one modification, put the O ring near the pipe screen on the outside of the screen (closest to the stem) rather than behind the screen to keep that o ring cleaner and to get a better seal. Ease of use, great tasting hits, no metallic taste, ease of cleaning, durability, and easily acquired replacement parts make it 5/5 stars in my opinion. I can’t think of anything negative about this pipe except for how difficult it is to get the glass insert out of the stem. I managed to get it out easiest using a plastic hi-lighter that was slightly smaller in diameter to push the insert out of the o rings holding it in place.

    I recommend buying one of these whenever you have the money to do so.

  7. Daniel M

    best ever by far.

  8. Bob S

    Nice pipe. Great Company.

  9. Daniel M

    Best pipe I’ve owned by far.

  10. Elliot R.

    Would buy again from them.

  11. Domingos L

    Worth it

  12. Brandon J

    The delivery was on time and the package was great

  13. Heidi G

    Love the pipe. It took a bit of time to arrive. Thanks!

  14. Joshua S

    Customer service, first and foremost, was incredible. After a few set backs, they were extremely patient and helpful.

    The pipe is gorgeous. Handles like a bicycle’s. Smooth, cool, elegant. 5/7.

  15. United S.

    Sturdy and smooth!
    I really have enjoyed this pipe. I would not be surprised if you could run over it with a truck without damage. Feels solid and comfortable in the hand. Highly Recommended by this reviewer

  16. Kyle C

    I love it
    Now that i have my Prometheus pipe its the only pipe i use

  17. ptadmin

    pocket pipe great pipe

  18. William H.

    Awesome!!!!Best pipe I’ve owned by far!!!

  19. Joshua B

    awesome. very well put together

  20. Robert S.

    Absolutely perfect…

  21. Elayna J.

    He thinks its fucking awesome!!!!my husband loves it he loves how it smokes and how easy it is to clean. thank you so much for making good quailty smoking products. we will diffeantly be ordering in the future

  22. Kevin F

    everyone should have one.
    My favorite unit currently. If not folks can go to the Pyptek website.

  23. AAJ

    Great pipe
    Fully recommend and it’s a great compact size.

  24. Marty J

    Prometheus Pocket Pipe
    Great pipe! Looks & smokes great. Even though there is a screen to catch ashes, I would suggest adding a small glass jack as well. Overall, I would recommend.

  25. Becky B

    I love my pipe!

  26. John F.

    Durable looks great, definitely a conversation starter piece.

  27. Matan S.

    Love it.Very sturdy and easy to clean.
    Doesn’t get hot so fast.
    Great product, i love it!

  28. Walter Kelso

    HAHAHAAHA this thing actually fits in my pocket. My new favorite piece, so easy to clean and I can take it anywhere.

  29. Niel C.

    Sweet pipe
    Love this pipe…smooth

  30. David Angel

    Prometheus Pocket. My favorite sidekick for hiking, biking, festivals and camping. High quality metal and glass make this thing a dream to clean and smoke.

  31. Tony Chandler

    Take it from me… one step closer to the best pipe out there!

  32. Jack Kass

    This was my second PYPTEK purchase and since I’ve bought nearly their whole collection. Can’t beat the engineering on these pipes.

  33. Kevin Lenane

    Yooooo!!! This little thing rips. Got it for my birthday this year and don’t regret spending a little more $$ to do so.

  34. Ben Anderson

    So dope! Wish I had two.

  35. Bobby

    Pipe is wonderful. SAVE-A-BOWL… well let’s just say it’s a little small to seal the bowl and tight to fit around. Maybe I got a bad one.
    I bought mine after using a friends. A buddy bought a different one the same day. I am after the Titan next.

  36. David

    Just purchased today at a local distributor. Great design and functionality. One thought is the threading from shaft to pipe could have more engagement. Only threads in slightly which could cause this to be the first point of failure (stripping out). Very nice to see that replacements parts come with and the glass replacement items are not overpriced.

    Keep it up!

  37. Daryl

    Totally love this pipe!!

  38. Jodi Tucker

    I bought a Pyptek Pocket Pipe about 2 months ago and it is the best, BEST, pipe I’ve ever owned. Your attention to design and ergonomics and durability is amazing. I can only thank you for producing something I could not afford to produce for myself. You guys rock! Thanks! Peace.

  39. J

    I had two and my wife threw them away , sadly. I miss Tony and Loki , they were exquisite pieces. RIP

  40. Richard Freifeld

    Greetings. I am a long-time proud owner of a pyptek prometheus pocket Bowl. I absolutely love this thing because it smokes like glass and as an aluminum skeleton outside that is strong and keeps a pipe from getting broken. As a disabled person in a wheelchair to drop things all day long, I have dropped this pipe countless times on the ground and except for the Nicks and scrapes it has attained , it is still in 100% working condition.! I cannot say that about many other smoking devices that I’ve used before and which no longer exist! Thank you very much and I remain a loyal customer who shows off your product and brags about it to others. Take care. Wash your hands and stay safe 🙂 Richard

  41. Mike (verified owner)

    The pipe is hands down the best pipe I’ve ever purchased. The thing is strong, resistant to damage and is very easy to clean. The colors and the metal a beautiful! Cannot wait to own pyptek’s whole collection some day. Will recommend to anyone

  42. Mike

    This is by far my favorite pipe ever. I have broken so many. I am very pleased with everything about it. I really like not getting a mouth full at the end of the bowl!!

  43. Adrian Anderson

    I loved this thing so much I bought two to keep one up at my cabin. So easy to hold and the engineering is incredible!

  44. Kimberly Deaton

    My Husband Stephen Deaton bought new a green nano chillum …. green pocket pipe and critter bowl bear(1) …
    Omg I’m 52 years old I’ve smoked since the age of 13…. tons of pipes later…. my response ….. PYPTEK where have you been all of my life…. best pipe I’ve ever had the pleasure smoking … nice clean cool smoke …. definitely no choke and super easy to clean …. just looking at your products wonder which one will I order now?? Thank you great product hands down!!!

  45. Sonya Wilson

    You need one. No question.

  46. Michael caldwell

    My friend got me one and it is by far my favorite pipe. It hits so smooth just like using a glass piece. I have broken numerous pieces and always wanted a glass pipe that I couldn’t break so easily. Thank you pyptek. By far the best design I’ve ever used!!!! Definite 5 stars in my book!!!

  47. Christopher Evans

    I have the pocket pipe, best product on the market…

  48. Robert Logan Laughter

    best compact bowl ever rips like a freight train

  49. Gary F.

    Solid piece — big bowl — heavyduty tough
    Well, i picked up the pyptek small pipe and here are the facts to consider:

    pros: glass bowl and stem, beautiful anodized silk-like finished aluminum protecting the bowl and stem. absolutely perfect for 2 or more smokers or for solitary use. small carb hole on left side of bowl. lastly, fits in jacket-pocket nicely and is definitely a conRead more about review stating Solid piece — big bowl — heavyduty toughversation starter — a one-of-a-kind pipe, to be sure!

    Cons: a little pricey but definitely bullet-proof, needs the rubber round washer to keep the glass bowl inserted correctly and for keeping the aluminum stem shell turned correctly. and lastely, this may not be a con for you, but the bowl is quite large for a small pipe (not like the small bowls you get on a small steel pipe} so you’ll definitely want to consider this — but it still burns well with a small bit of stash in it.

  50. zach

    Good morning, I am taking the time to write this to say thank you for making such a great product. I purchased the pocket pipe over a year ago when I got tired of breaking glass because I have a habit of forgetting my pipe is sitting in my lap and just standing up, my friends have seen this thing bounce off the concrete, slide off a two story roof to concrete and aside from some minor scratches works like day one with zero issues. This is now one of two pieces that I keep out and this thing goes everywhere with me and the design is super easy to field clean if necessary. When I feel its time for another pipe I will be purchasing the titan.

  51. Gunny J

    Maannn!! THIS IS THE BOMB!!
    I was going to invest in the Titan pipe. But seeing how small this one is, I’m glad I got it! Quick & easy to hit, fits easily in my front pocket, instead of stuffing a Titian pipe down my shorts.;)
    Next pipe will be the Dreamroller, and then (if I’m up to forking out the $$$) the Bubbler!

  52. Brian Shuron

    Love the pipe. I have the pocket. Would never use another.

  53. Michael Kurtzberg (verified owner)

    Nice pipe, great build quality. My only beef is the bowl needs a screen, even though there is one at the stem..I was able to shove a screen down the narrow tube , works so far..Otherwise i get ash at the bottom of the bowl, which builds up..;Perhaps it’s just me. Anyway, buy it, at great pipe…

  54. Jim Mooney

    This pipe design is great…works great…cleans up easy…very well made…well worth the asking price

  55. Amy

    Best PIpe IVE ever owned. Being a medical patient Saddened I wasnt introduced to this Company yrs ago. By far the BEST BOWL EVER…LOVE The SAVE A BOWL FEATURE..????????☠️????⭐????????????????????????✊

  56. Will (verified owner)

    Great pipe. Added a glass daisy screen to the bowl and it’s 5+.

  57. Timothy Marcil

    I have two in fact and looking at a third. I have the red white and blue limited and a blue. Best pipes I’ve ever bought and will never buy any other brand than these. They smoke great and last a long long time.

  58. Scott N Hall

    Beautiful deep color and sturdy construction. I have had to replace the screen and bowl o-ring every few months or so other than that maintenance-free magic. Dried flowers or resin hits well in all situations.

  59. Kevin Wright (verified owner)

    This is my second one ordering cause I misplaced the first one!! My forever favorite ????????

  60. Eric (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pipe!!! I have gone through too many pipes to count over the last 35yrs, and the PYPTEK POCKET is by far my favorite!!! I can’t think of one single thing I would change, is smokes great, and is a breeze to clean!!! If you’re looking for a new pipe, look no farther, this is the one!!! You won’t regret it!!!

  61. Brian (verified owner)

    Such a sweet pipe!!! This is my favorite pipe that I own so far. If you are thinking about buying one, just do it! It’s worth it!

  62. Chris

    My wife bought me the pyptek pocked pipe for my birthday! I will say it’s an amazing little piece. Smokes as well as the best glass pipes can, cleans easy and is almost indestructible in design. The ability to buy replacement glass is clutch. However, the post office marked the package delivered without actually delivering. We placed a new order with pyptek while both us and pyptek themselves put a dispute in with the post office. Long story short, pyptek promised to accept the now found lost pipe as a return if the package came in unopened. After having the post office send it right back out to them they no longer answer our emails so I’m about the eat that cost. The product is great as advertised, just a heads up to anyone who may run into something similar.

  63. Steve B (verified owner)

    Absolutely the only pipe you’ll ever need. Hits great and easy to clean. Well done Pyptek!!!!

  64. Timothy Smith (verified owner)

    I’ve had it for 7 months now… didn’t want to be hasty in writing one because this is suppose to be a long term purchase. And in doing so I grow more in love with this bowl every. Single. Day! Perfection!

  65. Alaskan Ace

    I Absolutely Love my pyptek pocket; it’s going on 7 years with it now, longest lasting pipe I’ve ever owned. Well worth every dollar I spent on it. It gets 10 stars ⭐️ from me. Thank you PypTek for an awesome product!

  66. Treavor R Van Metre

    This is my 1st pipe, It is easy to clean and feels great to hold. Each use has been fantastic! My only complaint (more of a wish) the chokepoint is large. The choke point of the bowl is a little large where I had some just fall through. I’d like to have a honeycomb or just a smaller hole at the chokepoint. I haven’t looked but I wish I had a smaller bowl for it.

  67. Joel

    This pipe functions flawlessly. The bowl hits like a champ with that funnel design. The stem seals perfectly. It has survived a drop on cement from standing height. It is absolutely the best pipe I’ve ever used…and I’m a pretty fussy guy when it comes to smokeware. It is absolutely worth the money. Where you would have broken a couple glass pipes it will have paid for itself. That coupled with its great rips give this pipe two thumbs up. With a single caveat; it needs to come with a glass screen. You can’t ask $85 and not have it ready to go out of the box.
    Fix that one small thing and your product is perfected.

  68. Josh R

    So I’ve had this bowl now for many years and this review is not from me but from my boss he has now said that this is his favorite bowl due to the fact that five years ago the O-ring that you supply fixed his Kubota L 48 front loader after numerous O-rings failed he still brags about the fact that five years later that O-ring still holds while others have failed he says this is the most durable bowl ever made and smokes just as well as it’s constructed it’s perfect.

  69. David Dunlap

    I’ve had my pipe for 3 years now and I love it. I’ve noticed some reviewers have wished for some kind of a screen for the bowl. I drop a small piece of a nug in first, then I fill it with ground-up flower. That works well for me.

  70. Lance

    Best pipe I have ever had the pleasure of using, I’m a healthy smoker of cannabis for 35 of my 60 years. I have a problem with Shakey hands, it got to the point where I was using a lexan rubber pipe. Worst pick I have made. Put the broken pipes behind. This thing indestructible, I dropped it the first day I was given it and it made a solid thump. No prob not even a scratch, nor did the bole fall out. I love this pipe. Everyone that comes to smoke with me they all request the ultimate pleasure in smoking. And so easy to clean, takes me less than 10 minutes. I clean my pipe often. Clean pipe for better tastings bowls. Lance Lowman Wenatchee Washington I need a new save a bowl mine tore, how about a freebie for your#1 fan

  71. Andrew

    Best pipe on the market. Love mine

  72. kirby simmons (verified owner)

    just got this pocket in the mail and i just confirm the other comments. ingenious design and i really like the industrial look to the thing just from a purely aesthetic point of view. it hits smoothly. like better than any pipe of this type ive ever used. Id never buy a typical hippie style glass pipe again. this thing is so easy to clean. so glad i found it.

  73. Danni

    My x-boyfriend got me this pipe, and I absolutely adore it!!! Its my most valued gift, and I love it as much as my JBL. He was my smoking buddy, and I’m grateful I still have this little piece of our friendship to cherish; As this pipe will last long over the years. It was worth every penny!!!

  74. Aidan

    I purchased the black version back in 2016. Now 2022, and this pipe is still perfect (literally no scratches or defects, machining is pristine). Cleaning is super easy as you can just throw all the pieces into iso. I’ve used it every day since I got it and have only good things to say. The engineering is beautiful and you can really tell that this company cares about designing a quality product. I’ve taken it camping, moving, and on my motorcycle and it refuses to break. $85 is well worth it compared to all the other shitty glass pipes I’ve broken. If you’re thinking about it buy it, you wont regret it. Next on the list is their bubbler…that thing looks fine as fuck.

  75. Lawrence Taylor

    I’m not sure which one I Love more,,, using it or cleaning it! super easy to clean and also super fun. This is my one and only pipe that I use, and I’m Totally fine with that, No Complaints over here.

  76. Robert Rees (verified owner)

    This is my favorite pipe to smoke out of. So much so, that I bought two of them. Why? I am a clean freak and enjoy a fresh pipe. The assembly/disassembly makes it so easy to dump your ash, pop the glass, and then spend a minute cleaning it. I’m back up and ready to rip in about three minutes. Absolutely brilliant.

  77. Robb

    Owned my PypTek for 5+ years and it hasn’t been an Easy 5+ yrs !! It’s seen a lot of Rough handling!

    I’d buy another….. For Sure.

  78. Travis (verified owner)

    I have had this pype for about 2 years now, and i have to say i absolutely love it, it is so smooth, and so easy to clean, and its unbreakable, it is a beast, best pype i have ever smoked out of, my mom bought one also she loved it so much..

  79. Macy

    I love this pipe! Solid, super easy to clean and change the filter. I also really appreciate the save-a-bowl.

  80. Bryan O’Neil

    Bought this In Colorado 6 years ago! I challenge anyone to say that with a 🔥glass piece! I’ve had to replace the bowl due to rough handling! Best part is I’ll never have to buy another piece!
    Worth it , No regerts lol
    Stay High my friends!

  81. Gary

    Have had my pyptek Prometheus for about 5 years. It has outlasted numerous other pipes. I am actually ordering another one rather than purchase another throw away pipe. The Pyptek pipes are not only a breeze to clean, but the combination of glass and metal combined with the way these are designed makes for a nice clean and tasty smoke

  82. Eric (verified owner)

    Best pipe hands down.. I got the pocket one over 2 years ago and use it every day… Was going to get the Titan, but it’s only me smoking… Anyways, came back to get some O rings and screens, and maybe pick up a replacement glass kit, don’t need it right now, but how this pipe is built I’m going to end up passing it down to one of my kids or something… going to end up being a family heirloom at this point😂👍

  83. Zero Lashley (verified owner)

    Best pipes in the world. Perfect for hiking, adventuring, concerts, and everyday use.

  84. Shawn W

    This is the finest peice in my collection. Hits are smooth and tasty. It is a great conversation peice and big enough for multiple people or if your on your own. Spare glass, screens, and o-rings are available on the website witch is handy. The Save-A-Bowl works well but does fit a nickle underneath on top the bowl inside and metal exoskeleton for additional peice of mind. Have dropped many times on cement gravel and other hard surfaces with no damage.
    Definitely worth the money for this peice.

  85. Andrew

    Best pipe ever it’s been thru it all and has never broke or had to replace anything besides the screen when I have to clean the pipe I love this pipe 💯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  86. John (verified owner)

    Best pipe EVER OWNED!!
    Currently running with 2 of the Prometheus Pocket pipes (for cleaning rotation), and about to buy a third. Why? Because I must have the bright green one of course! 😀
    This pipe is super easy to clean with a small amount of alcohol and some pipe cleaners. I soak prior to cleaning only when needed.
    Guess what, you can also take MONSTER rips from this little pipe, and you won’t suck any ash while blazing up! If you don’t have one, GET ONE!!

  87. Dillon D

    By far the best pipe I own! Always cool, smooth hits and a breeze to clean. Love the ember blocking screen, it works perfectly! It’s also very strong and durable I’ve had mine for a few years and it still looks new! The bowl saver is a must!

  88. Mark

    I love this pipe so much I bought 10 of them in all the available colors. They’re well-designed and easy to clean. Love the aircraft aluminum material.

  89. Michael B

    The Prometheus pipe is described in one word. AWESOME. Your Honor, the defense rests… Western Colorado.

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