Bubblers for sale PYPTEK

Getting the best experience out of your PYPTEK BUBBLER.

We’re going to go through:

  1. The Benefits
  2. Water Level
  3. How to Use It
  4. Pro Tips
  5. Cleaning 
  6. Removing the Glass

When designing the Bubbler we wanted to create a clean high functioning and aesthetically beautiful piece for you to enjoy. Things we love to highlight about this piece are it’s easy to handle and ergonomic. It’s designed to allow big, incredible, smooth, and flavorful hits. The size keeps your smoke volume dense giving you full concentrated hits. A durable outer shell ensures your piece is made to last on your next adventure. A beautiful feature of this piece is the shower-head percolator, its angled slits and just the right about of airflow, vigorously stacks bubbles that diffuse and cool your smoke.

A sizable bowl allows you to pack it proudly. The mouthpiece is far enough away from the bowl that you won’t have to worry about getting burnt hairs or getting crosseyed when you take a hit. It also has viewing windows which allows you to see your bowl and to better control your smoke levels.

The straight, long mouth piece condenses your hits so you get straight hitting, full volume, flavorful hits. Don’t worry about taking huge hits or straining too hard for the best results.

With dual stance, multiple resting points, this is a secure design and breaks down for easy cleaning.

Each piece in the PYPTEK Full Collection is created using individually machined parts and custom glass. Each pipe goes through several stages of development to ensure functionality and portability. There is little maintenance required as high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and borosilicate glass compile each piece. Just consider how machining, tumbling, anodizing, and laser etching and platinum labels bring these products to a new standard in the industry. We know you will not be disappointed. For more detail visit our design breakdown here.


You can fill the water levels through the bowl hole, or carb, we recommend filling it with enough cold water to meet the bottom of the hex (the platinum label on the glass). Make sure the shower-head is fully covered. Too much water can cause a choppy pull and worse, water in your mouth. Too little water can cause an airy, dry hit. Make sure to adjust the water level to your preference and your individual piece as they are each handmade.


Once you have your water level established, go ahead and fill your bowl with smoking material, cover the carb hole, light it up, and begin to inhale, then release the carb when you’re ready to clear your piece. 


With specialty slit percs, we don’t recommend sucking or snapping your bowls through. If you ever get a down-stem clog, avoid using tools as this can cause unrepairable damage. Simply turn your bowl upside down over the sink cover your carb hole and blow into the mouthpiece thorough the  bowl to dislodge. Smoke your bowls thoroughly and ash them instead. Use a hemp wick for cleaner flavored hits.


Change your water daily for your best performance. You can pour out the water through the carb hole. It should only take you a few minutes if you clean your piece regularly. Please DO NOT use any acid based removers, yes even the orange cleaner many smoke shops sell. Although this works great for cleaning your glass, it will erode the anodized finish and could remove your platinum label. Instead follow these steps below.

What you’ll need:

Isopropyl alcohol, kosher salt, two zip lock freezer bags (to make sure the solution doesn’t leak anywhere), pipe cleaner or Qtips, paper towels.

You’ll want to use a decent amount of kosher salt and isopropyl alcohol that is 99% proof, anything above 90% is best.


You’re going to unscrew the mouthpiece. Use a tool such as the back-end of a bic pen, to remove the glass from the mouth piece, it’s best to start on the side that attaches to the main body. Once you get past the first o-ring it should be easy to gently remove the glass insert with your hand.  Soaking the parts in warm to hot water as well as using dawn dish soap will soften the o-rings for an easier removal. For the main body, put something on a table or flat surface that is sturdy (an old pill bottle or a film case work wonders). Take the main body and push the base of the glass uniformly down onto the case or bottle, forcing the glass out of the top of the unit. Once you get the glass past the base o-ring, you can pull the glass out by hand from the top, it must be noted there are two o-rings up there, so it’s best to twist the glass slightly back and forth so you don’t twist the o-rings out of their groove.


Make sure the piece is submerged. Shake for 30 seconds, aggregate the materials, let soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Grab the piece, seal the bags, hot water to rinse. Use pipe cleaners or Qtips as needed, rinse well with hot. When putting the glass back in, go from the bottom up on the main body, get your glass fairly aligned before you go through the second and third o-rings. For the mouthpiece, just make sure you get the glass centered on the second o-ring before pushing it into place. Refill with cold water.

Now you’re ready to smoke. 

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